fiberglass manufacturer since 2007<br/> innovative and sustainable products

fiberglass manufacturer since 2007
innovative and sustainable products

modernized equipments and lab <br/>high-performance fiberglass

modernized equipments and lab
high-performance fiberglass

advantaged in customized fiberglass <br/>proper for different process

advantaged in customized fiberglass
proper for different process

famous brand roving selected<br/>guarantees stable quality

famous brand roving selected
guarantees stable quality

business with over 30 countries<br/> professional products,valuable services

business with over 30 countries
professional products,valuable services


Who we are?

Chang Zhou MAtex Composites Co., Ltd., since been set up in 2007, has been specializing in developing and production of: fiberglass textiles, mat and veil, is a scientific and technical fiberglass enterprise.

Plant locates 170 kilometers west from Shanghai. Nowadays, equiped with modernized machines and lab, around 70 employees and 19,000㎡ facility, enables MAtex to produce around 21,000 tons fiberglass annually.

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Why Choose Matex
  • Employees


    Employees are our greatest asset
    Experienced and Innovative engineers and workers

  • Material


    Only famous brand been used:JUSHI,CTG

  • Equipment


    Advanced production lines:Karl Mayer
    Modernized Test Laboratory


Supplier: MAtex Composites, China 1)Roving for filament winding 1100TEX, 2200TEX, 2400TEX 2)Gun Roving for spray up 2400TEX, 4000TEX (Roving para

Power & Emulsion Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mats(JUSHI & CTG Brand)

Supplier:  Chang Zhou MAtex Composites Co.,Ltd. Power & Emulsion Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is produced by chopping assembled roving into 50mm lengths fibers and dispersing these fibers randomly and evenly onto a moving belt ,to form a mat,then an emulsion binder is us...

Fiberglass materials for Cured-in-Place-Pipe lining

Supply: Glass Fiber for CIPP liner making, fiberglass for trenchless technology, pipe rehabilitation、 Facility location: Near Shanghai Types of fiberglass produced / exported: 1)Woven roving combo mat ESM2415 / ESM1815 / ESM2410… 2)0/90 Biaxial Fabric E-LTM3208 / 3608 / 2408… 3)Uni...