About Us


Chang Zhou MAtex Composites Co., Ltd. since been set up in 2007, has been specializing in developing and production of: fiberglass textiles, mat and veil, is a scientific and technical fiberglass enterprise.

Plant locates 170 kilometers west from Shanghai. Nowadays, equiped with modernized machines and lab, around 70 employees and 19,000㎡ facility, enables MAtex to produce around 21,000 tons fiberglass annually. 

Mainly works on 4 series fiberglass:

1.Knitted fabric and mat: unidirectional, biaxial, triaxial, quadraxial, stitched mat, RTM mat

2.Chopped Strand Mat: powder and emulsion chopped strand mat

3.Woven Reinforcements: woven roving, fiberglass cloth, woven roving combo

4.Veil: fiberglass veil, polyester veil, roof tissue

MAtex Advantages:

1.Outstanding ability in developing customized fiberglass

2.Huge output guarantees competitive costs and fast delivery

3.Only famous brand(JUSHI/CTG) material been used,ensures stable quality

With MAtex growing,has built close-relationship with China roving manufacturers: JUSHI,TAISHAN,which guarantees our material(roving) supply.

MAtex,advantaged with high quality fiberglass products and customized service, have been exporting to over 30 countries and regions, always dedicated to offer: "Professional Products,Valuable Services".

MAtex History

  • 2007:Company set up,once started MAtex runs several looms for woven fiberglass production
  • 2011: Biaxial(0/90) and Stitched mat machines been introduced, which extends MAtex product lines fastly
  • 2014: Started production of woven roving combo/RTM mat/stitched mat, obsolete old looms and equiped with more new modernized machines
  • 2017: Removes to a new bigger plant,which liberates our ability on fiberglass developing and production
  • 2019: With fast development of FRP industry, especially wind-energy industry, MAtex introduced Karl-Mayer knitting machine for multi-axial(0,90,-45/+45) production. And do OEM production for some famous fiberglass brands like Owens Corning


Attempt to transform the infrastructure of FRP products with our products in composite materials, based on principles of circular economy,sustainability and innovation.


Position and develop our products as the proper material to optimize performance of FRP products,based on specific projects requirements in complex and changing markets.