• Double Bias Fiberglass Mat Anti-Corrosion

    Double Bias Fiberglass Mat Anti-Corrosion

    Double Bias (-45°/+45°) fiberglass is a stitch-bonded composite reinforcement combining equal amounts of continuous roving oriented in commonly +45° and -45° directions into a single fabric. (roving direction also can be randomly adjusted between ±30° and ±80°).

    This construction offers off-axis reinforcement without the need to rotate other materials on a bias. One layer of chopped mat or veil can be stitched with the fabric.

    1708 double bias fiberglass is the most popular one.

  • Pultrusion Resin

    Pultrusion Resin

    Polyester resin and Vinyl Ester resin for fiberglass pultrusion process(pultrusionada), to produce FRP profiles, fiberglass handrails, fiberglass cable tray, rejillas de fibra de vidrio, FRP grating.

    Chemical Type:

    Orthophthalic(ortoftálicas), Isophthalic(Resina Isoftálica de Poliéster) or Vinyl


    Pre-accelerated : Optional

  • FRP Panel

    FRP Panel

    Preaccelerated orthophthalic type unsaturated polyester resin, for production of frp transparent sheet(transparente laminas), fiberglass translucent panel(prfv lámina traslúcida), frp opaque panel, fiberglass corrugated panel.

    Low viscosity to make sure resin can flow fast and evenly on film.

    Process: fiberglass panel continuous molding, hand lay up

  • Polymer Concrete

    Polymer Concrete

    DCPD type unsaturated polyester resin, for casting process to produce Polymer Concrete(concreto polimerico).

    The resin is typically mixed with sand, quartz filler and fiberglass, for manufacturing:

    water drainage systems, polymer concrete enclosures, box, manhole, tapas, rejillas y canaletas de concreto polimérico.

    Chemical Type: DCPD, Orthophthalic

    Pre-accelerated: Optional

  • Spray Up

    Spray Up

    (Resinas Poliester para Aspersion)

    An Ortho-phthalic type unsaturated polyester resin, pre-accelerated and thixotropic treated.

    Poliéster insaturado, ortoftálica, preacelerada y tixotrópica, de reactividad y viscosidad media. Es apropiada para laminado manual y moldeo por aspersión(spray up).

    Fast wet out with chopped glass fiber, resistance to sagging on vertical surfaces.

    Application: Marine(boat,yacht), Transportation(components for cars, vans, trucks and buses), Infrastructure (swimming pools, frp panels), and Industrial (storage vessels, cooling towers).

    Type: Orthophthalic, Vinyl Ester  

  • Basin and Artificial Marble

    Basin and Artificial Marble

    (Artificial De Marmol)

    An Ortho-phthalic type unsaturated polyester resin, good defoaming and filling performance.

    Mix with gravel, stone, for casting process, to make artificial marble, sink, artificial agate, bathtubs, basins(lavabo), spas, kitchen countertops.

    Type: Orthophthalic, Isophthalic  

  • RTM and Infusion

    RTM and Infusion

    Unsaturated polyester resin(UPR),with low viscosity and reactivity, good mechanical strength, for: RTM(resin transfer molding)L-RTM, Infusion and Vacuum bagging process.

    Produce: automotive parts (autopartes,campers and camiones fibra de vidrio, tracto partes), composite components(vans, caravans, truck components) …

    Chemical Type: DCPD, Orthophthalic, Isophthalic and Vinyl Ester

    Pre-accelerated: Optional  

  • Vinyl Ester Resin (Vinilester)

    Vinyl Ester Resin (Vinilester)

    Epoxy vinyl ester resin(resinas vinilester) with medium viscosity, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, good mechanical properties, low shrinkage.

    Applied in a wide range of FRP applications, specially provides resistance to organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, salt solution, oxidizing chemicals, bleaches and organic solvents. An ideal resin to meet high anti-corrosion requests.

    Process: Hand Layup, Filament winding, Pultrusion, Molded Grating, Spray Up, RTM, Casting… 

  • General Purpose

    General Purpose

    A low shrinkage, low profile unsaturated polyester resin(resina poliéster),designed for room temperature curing with the addition of MEKP catalyst.

    Process: hand lay up(laminating, laminación manual), filament winding, open mold

    Type: DCPD, Orthophthalic(ortoftálicas), Isophthalic(Resina isoftálica)

    Pre-accelerated & Thixotropic : Optional 

  • Continuous Stitched Mat

    Continuous Stitched Mat

    Fiberglass continuous stitch mat is designed specifically for pultrusion, can be used to replace continuous filament mat.

    Continuous fibers/rovings are stitched together by PET thread, binder-free mat.

    Mat formed up with continuous roving on both 0-Degree and 90-Degree, offers much higher strength than common chopped mat, which will finally improves strength of fiberglass profiles.

  • Stitched Mat (EMK)

    Stitched Mat (EMK)

    Fiberglass stitched mat(EMK), made of evenly distributed chopped fibers (around 50mm length), then stitched into mat by polyester yarn.

    One layer of veil (fiberglass or polyester) can be stitched onto this mat, for pultrusion.

    Application: pultrusion process to produce profiles, filament winding process to produce tank and pipe,…

  • AR Glass Chopped Strands 12mm / 24mm for GRC

    AR Glass Chopped Strands 12mm / 24mm for GRC

    Alkali resistant chopped strands(AR Glass), used as reinforcement for Concrete(GRC), with high zirconia(ZrO2) content, strengthens the concrete and helps prevent cracking from shrinkage.

    It is used in the manufacture of repair mortars, GRC components like:drainage channels, meter box, architectural applications such as ornate moldings and decorative screen wall.

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